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Lilly & Phoebe

the delightful pets

dayspa experience

An exclusive and beautiful boutique grooming setup that gives a human dayspa-like feel  


A focus on holistic products and an holistic environment

One on one appointments dedicated to your pet


                         A positive, calming and enriching training experience for your pet                                                                                                  

Exceptional customer service and friendly atmosphere 


Highest of quality grooming services

Health Benefits

 A clean and healthy coat, free from dander, dirt and dead hair and that smells divine

Regular trimming of nails ensures good foot health, gait and foot structure

Improved blood flow to the skin and hair follicle, enhancing skin and coat health 

Early detection of parasites and health concerns

Ensure your pet is free of tangles, knots and mats which cause pain

Regular grooming helps relieve heat stress and brings out the natural oils in the coat


Lovely aromatherapy scents to ensure a tranquil environment

Lush greenery for scent and sight enrichment

Relaxation spa music to ensure a calm and peaceful environment

Yummy & healthy chicken & liver treats 

Exclusive Products

Aromatherapy shampoos, conditioners and colognes

Natural and environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitising products


Stringent cleaning routines to ensure exceptional hygiene

Use of the most up to date grooming equipment for both us and your pets

Contemporary and safe tethering techniques and environment to ensure your pet's safety at all times

Gentle handling and positive reinforcement techniques


Exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable owners in the areas of grooming, behaviour, training and business

Education and training programs provided to you and your pet

Expertise in all breed clipping and grooming

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